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How to Play?

You will now learn the basics of the game which will allow you to start your adventure.


Rappelz is, unlike most of the MMORPGs, a click to move game. This means you have to point and click to the direction you want your character to move.




You will have to create a free BORA ISLAND account in order to login to the game and website. This account will allow you to play any BORA ISLAND games on all languages available.

In game you can use left mouse button, right mouse button and the wheel. Left click is to move, to talk to NPCs, to select, to attack, to collect. Right click is to change the camera and the wheel is used for zoom in and out.


You can see below most of the short keys used in the game for different actions.




Rappelz proposes its own interface to help you through your adventures. It is important for you to understand all its aspects before you start with playing.


On the screenshot above, you can see what the interface looks like and its different basic features:


  1. This is your character status where information such as profession, level, health, mana, JP, Jlv and experience are displayed.

  2. This is your main pet health and mana status.

  3. This is your own character buff bar.

  4. This is your target window. Note that you cannot see level & health/mana of another character. Only monster information is displayed.

  5. This is your mini map, you can see where your character is and where are the closes NPCs.

  6. This is the chat window allowing you to contact other players.

  7. This is your skill bars. You can display a minimum of one and a maximum of four.

  8. This is your pet formation window. Allows to see which pet you are currently training.

  9. There are many other windows in the interface of Rappelz. All the shortcuts are in there.




From your first steps in the world of Rappelz, you will be introduce to a few Non Playing Characters (NPC) and some of them have a glowing icon above them. This means this NPC has a quest for you and needs you to double click on him to open the discussion Window.


The available quest is in orange on the screen above, click on the text to accept the quest and Alt+Q to follow the status of your current quest.




There are three different quest icons above NPCs or on the mini map having different meanings:

























Throughout your adventures, you will pick up items from killing monsters, trading with other players or buying from merchants. This will be stored in your character’s inventory (Alt + I).


















1. All your equipped items. Those are primary items.

2. Accessory slots. There are also fashion items mostly available in the Guild of the Merchants to change the appearance of your character. They go on top of the primary items and can be hidden too.

3. Belt related items. You can enhance your belt to socket pet cards or boss cards and increase the stats of your character.

4. Necklace slot. Your necklace allows you to story Laks (purple bar).

5. This is your main inventory window. You can see all the items you carry in there.

6. You can see in the window the amount of Rupi (in game currency) you have, Bear Dungeon points and the weight of your inventory (a heavy weight will slow down your character).

7. This is the weight bar, attached to the stat in #6 If your weight value reaches 75% your movement speed decreases.





But this is not all, the inventory also hides:

1. The Guild of the Merchant and its inventory ;

2. The combination/ethereal interface.







Now that your character received a few items, you may want to know how to trade them. Trading items for other is a major activity in Rappelz. Mastering your trading skills will open the doors to a limitless fortune.



The Auction House is at your disposition in each city when talking to the Auction House NPCs. The advantage of this solution is that you can sell you items while being logged of the game. Players can bid on your items allowing you to get a nice price for the item you sell.

To sell an item, click on the “Sell” tab in the auction house interface.




1. Put your item in the slot

2. Define the price of the item

3. Define the duration of the auction

4. The auction house will take a commission on your offer if the item is sold

If you have an offer, a yellow message will appear in your chat window. Once the auction is over, click on the “chest” tab in the auction house interface to receive your money.







































If you want to buy an item from the auction house, just click on the “buy” tab and search for the item you are looking for. The auction that you win will be sent to your chest tab in the auction house interface.

If you don’t take your item and rupees from “chest” for 15 days, all will be removed.



You can, in Rappelz, open a private shop to sell/buy specific items to/from other players. Note that you can only open this shop in the MariCat Market and you will not be able to sell do anything else while the shop is opened, but you can cancel it at any time. Also, the shop will be cancelled once you logout from the game.

You can open your private shop from the Action window (Alt + T) and click on the “shop” icon or directly type /shop in the chat window.




Once the shop is opened, the following window will appear where you can drag the items you want to sell/buy, set up the price, the quantity and the store name


(note that an accurate name will attract more users)




You can trade items on the go by meeting the other character you want to trade with. To open the trade window, select the character you want to trade with and right click on his portrait then click on “trade”.




You can drag items you want to trade and/or set the amount of Rupis (clicking on R button in the middle of the window). Once both side (you and the other player) put all the necessary items for the trade, you can click on “Ok” and then “final decision” to complete the trade. All the items the other players gave you will be found in your inventory. Before you click on “Final Decision” check once more the trading items.



And last but not least, the most common way to trade in MMORPGs : NPC. There are different types of merchants NPCs in Rappelz which will provide you with different types of good (armours, weapons, consumables, etc…).


To buy from an NPC, simply double click on the item you want to buy and it will be placed in your basket. You can do that with other items and once finished, click the “transaction” button to complete the transaction.




The same way you buy items from the NPC, you can sell items to him. It works exactly the same, you will just have to pick the items from the list retrieved from you inventory.





One of the most exciting aspects of a MMORPG is to develop your character and learn new skills. You will notice that when killing monster or completing quests, you will gain Job Points (JP) that can be used to purchase Job Levels and Skills.



You must spend some JP to increase your JLv (Job Level). AS you increase your character’s JLv you will:


1. increase the basic stats of your character in a pattern unique to your Profession & Race

2. unlock additional skills in your skill tree.



You need to open your skill window (Alt + S). You will then see that there are two different windows.



If you want to increase your JLv, you need to click on the big JLv button you can find on the left window.


If you want to buy skills or increase the level of a skill, you need to click on the small arrow below the icon of the respective skill on the right window.

All the skills that you learnt will be listed on the left window below the JLv information.


Your Character will have two types of skills; Passive and Active. Passive skills will be used automatically as soon as you learn them. In order to use active skills you need to click on them to activate them. You can drag active skills on skills bars and also assign shortcuts.


The NPC has a quest for you

You have accepted the quest but still in progress

You have completed the quest.

Talk to the NPC to claim your reward



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