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Reforging an item will cost you some Rupis but it is an efficient way to increase the power of your items. The only thing you have to do here is equip the item you want to reforge and then talk to a Blacksmith.



Upon talking to the NPC, you will have the text box displayed on the left listing all the items that can be reforged from your character.You just need to select the one you want to upgrade and there you go, your item gained a level.



Keep in mind that the full power of the reforged item might only be available to your character once he reached the required level of the item. So do not rush it. 



Note that the maximum level, of an item, is Lv10.



You will also have the possibility to buy portable forge that will bring your item to level 10 directly. Make sure you are not trying on a time limited and durability item as the portable forge is not designed for those items and will not work for them.


Armor, Weapons, and Skill Cards can be enchanted by combining one of these items with the right type of Cube. There are Cube-Skill, Cube-Strike and Cube-Defense which are designed for use on skill cards, weapons and armor respectively. Once you have successfully combined the two the item description will show a single digit +n bonus. The highest level of enchantment possible is +10 for skill cards and +20 for weapons and armor. The probability of losing an item increases at higher levels.


You need to be aware that you can find cubes from drops only. You will find complete cubes or pieces of cubes that you will have to combine to create a complete cube.


As mentioned before, trying to enchant an item can break it. If you come across such situation, you will need to use a Repair Powder and combine it with your item to use it again. But you can prevent breaking your item by using a Protection Powder during the enchantment combination and if it fails, it will protect your item from braking. Note that both the Protection Powder and Repair Powder are only available in the Cash Shop but can be traded with other players.


1. Opens the upgrade combination interface

2. Slot for the item you want to enchant

3. Reagent for the combination

4. Icon that will open the upgrade combination database

5. Once you selected a combination from the database, details are displayed in this window.


This is the first step in character optimization. As you can see from the image on the right, you will have empty slots in some items (weapons, shields, helmets, armors, gloves & boots) in which you can socket soulstones by visiting a Soul Crafter .



There are many soulstones you can use to increase particular aspects of your character.



With this option, you can customize your character at will and depending on your needs. Note that you cannot have two of the same soul stones in the same equipment unless it is a two hand weapon.


Something you need to know about socketing soulstones to an item is that it will drain soul power.



The soulpower is displayed on top of the soulstones in the item tooltip. The more you use your items the faster the soulpower will be drained. Once you reach 0%, the soulstones socketed in your item will not be active anymore.


To recharge the soulpower, just visit a SoulCrafter and he’ll recharge your items against Laks.


The last option to upgrade your items (only weapons) is the Runes and Shards.

The Rune itself will not upgrade your item but :

• Will apply a cool aura to your weapon

• Will allow you to add a shard to it

Note that the Rune will only last 30 days.


There are in total 6 different runes :

• 4 available from the Aura Merchant

• 2 available from the Bear Dungeon Merchant


However the Aura Merchant sells Ancient Runes while the Bear Dungeon ones are Common.

The difference between the two resides in the shard that you will be able to apply to the item as you also have common and ancient shards which can respectively only be applied to a common or

ancient rune.


The shards are available from normal Merchants and once applied will increase Atk or M. Atk depending on the shard you purchased.

The information about the Runes and Shards on the weapon are displayed as the image on the right.

• The red frame shows you by how much the shard increase your Atk or M. Atk. Information is displayed in yellow

• The green frame shows you which rune is applied on your weapon and how much time left to it.


Note that once the rune is gone, the effect of the shard is removed with it.

The Items


In Rappelz, you will have a few options to upgrade your items and have a powerful character. There are currently four different ways to upgrade your items.



1. Reforging an item



2. Enchant an item



3. Socket SoulStones



4. Runes & Shards








First of all, you need to know a bit more about the tooltip of an item which is the centre piece of your item information, what is what? What goes where? Etc…














































1. This is the rank of your item. One white dot equals one rank.



2. This is your item name and it contains valuable information such as the enchantment (+16 here) and the reforging level (Lv10 here)



3. Few pieces of important information here. The Required level is the level you need to equip the item. The Recommended level is the level you need to be to benefit from the full power of the reforging. Here, the numbers in orange refer to what stats your character gets from the reforging. The green number is the bonus you get for the enchantment.



4. Those are the stats that your weapon will have for the next enchantment.



5. This is the information regarding the Soulstones. Each information on the stone you socket is here. You can also check the soulpower from there.

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