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Skill Cards

Throughout your adventures, you will level up your character and learn new skills. New skills will make you more powerful and enhance your game experience, but that is not all.


Indeed, you will notice while keeling monsters that you will drop skill cards (with +1 in front of it which represents then enchantment level), they have the name of all the different skills available in game and there is one for each skill. Skill Cards



If you cannot find the Skill Card you are looking for by killing monster, you may want to check with players around you as they are all tradable.

Skill cards may become very important for your character as you could benefit from:

• decrease MP consumption when using a skill

• Increase efficiency of offensive/defensive skills

• Increase the duration of a buff

• Decrease cooltime of a skill


If you have the skill available and the right skill card for it, a simple double click on the card will equip it to your character and the card will be shown as equipped (you can check it through you character skill window (Alt + S)).




















The Guild of the Merchants offers you two different items to help you with enchanting your skills cards :

• S-Pro Card : protects one card (from the main slot) from destruction when enchantment fails.

• Ancient Element ~ Skill : when combined with a Skill Cube, it increases enchantment success rate of the Skill Card combination by 30%.


Common Skill Card 

Asura Skill Card

Gaia Skill Card

Deva Skill Card


Now the real benefit of Skill Cards is that you can enchant them through the combination window.

For that you need (for a normal combination) the following:

• Two Skill Cards of the same skill and enchantment level

• One Skill Cube


For example, if you want to have a +2 Skill Card, you will need two +1 cards of the same skill. If you want a +3 Skill Card, you will need two +2 cards of the same skill and so on….


Note that the maximum enchantment level is +10 and that the combination can fail. If that happens, you will lose all the item of the combination. Our friendly advice is to go for a combination when you have 3 identic cards.

Example of combination with S-Pro

The Items

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