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Gaia features three main cities, each representative of the three races who live the continent in the current days. Besides, many more cities were built and destroyed during the years; below you can find a list of the current settlements still present.



The oldest settlement of Gaia, home of the original inhabitants of the continent, from which they inherit their name. Horizon is situated in the south-eastern part of Gaia, surrounded by rocky mountains and golden beaches. Close to Trainee Island is the starting point of any player who will decide to start an adventure as a Gaia.


The city is highly populated and close to low level dungeons like the Relics of Arid Moonlight and Lost Mines. During the quests players will have to face some of the most dangerous creatures living in the region such as Godzilla, an enormous turtle living in the sandy coast south of the city.

In Horizon area, players will be able to find creatures like Poultries, Turtles , Panteras ready to be tamed. In the Dead Spirit’s Altar, instead, they can also find Tafari.


Hektor, Gaia’s hero, has been one of the most notable inhabitants of the town before moving close to the Dead Spirit’s Altar to continue his battle against the evil.


Find below a map of the town with the location of all the NPCs available:

































The city of Katan, together with Laksy, was built centuries after the humans first settled the continent. It’s the birthplace of the Asura, representative of the Darkness. As the story teaches us, the Asura were sent on the continent by the Gods of creation and destruction to improve the stability of the world.


Katan is situated in the southern part of Gaia; the area perfectly represents the people living there. Desolation and bleakness reign over this area. East of the area players will be able to find the Forgotten Portal while on the north they can find the lowest level dungeon: the relics of Arid Moonlight.


In Katan area, players will be able to find many tamable creatures as Skeletons, Orcs outside the city gates and Krakens, in the western area.


Hero of the town is Echion, original creator of the Guild, one of the most bloodthirsty assassins of the time.


Find below a map of the town with the location of all the NPCs available:






















The enclave of Laksy, has been built in the same period as Katan. It’s the birthplace of the Deva, representatives of the Light. Laksy is the only town of the continent (if we don’t consider the Hidden Village) that needs to be accessed by a teleport.


Laksy is situated in the north-western part of the continent and it’s only few kilometers away from the Lost Island, as the crow flies.


On the east, players will be able to find the Templar Headquarters, where a good number of high level quests take part during players’ adventures.


Creatures that live in this area and can be tamed by players are Blue and Red Pixies, Orcs, Yeti and Kentas.


Hero of the town is Arte Moesa, forerunner of the healing studies. Thanks to her, today, the healer is one of the most requested profession in the continent and students keep visiting the city to improve their skills and learn new techniques.


Find below a map of the town with the location of all the NPCs available:
































Rondo is the biggest town of the continent, as well the most populated one. Is considered the “centre of the world” for its particular position. Rondo is one of the newest settlements and has been built to improve the trades between the three main cities.


Rondo is situated in the middle of the continent and almost equidistant from Horizon, Laksy and Katan.


Few hundred meters out of the western gate, players will find the Red Farm, starting point of the main quest of the game. From there, they will be able to discover the origins of the continent and the legends of Hektor and Lamia.


From Rondo you will easily reach middle level dungeons, like Crystal Valley, situated in the western area of the continent, and Palmir Plateau, north-west of the town. At walking distance, you can also find Lost Mines.


Rondo is the only place in Gaia where you can find Lydians to tame; it’s also known as preferred place for lovers who meet in the Cherry Blossom Road.









































This is the first settlement that a player will find in his journey.


Find below a map of the town with the location of all the NPCs available:







































The City in Ruins is the main town in the City of Ruins and Marduka's Realm area on the main continent. It is located to the northeast corner of the area; it is a small and desolated place altought embedded in a wonderful setting.


Find below a map of the town with the location of all the NPCs available:


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