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Chapter 4



The allied forces of Deva, Asura and Gaia began to take action. Their first steps were to prohibit everyone from telling any witch-related stories. After that the true hunt began.


The allied forces sent their best troops to capture the witch alive. The witch's followers of course defended her and so a lot of people died unnecessary deaths.


Altough Deva's strongest temple knights and Asura's most skilled assassins were sent out, the witch and their followers were able to withstand them. Reports tell, that during the hunt the witch used such powerful magic that even split the heavens.


It was a long battle, but in the end the witch and her followers couldn't withstand the sheer numbers of the allied forces. Eventually she was captured.


In the end the witch was captured and led to the court. She was sentenced to death, to be burnt at the stake, for her disruption of the world. The judges did not respond to any of the questions regarding 'truth' the witch spoke of. They did not confirm, nor they declined it.


Many people joined her execution and watched how she was burnt at the stake. Some people say that in her last moments she cursed each and every living thing in the world. Others say she didn't say a word while she was burnt, she didn't even scream.


However, since that day the story of the 'witch' was passed down from generation to generation. And even today the word 'witch' lets entire Gaia remember what happened in the past. The word 'witch' was now regarded to as a synonym of fear.


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