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Chapter 3



The witch's fearful power frightened entire Gaia. There were stories that she used her power to kill a mighty monster in one blow, which was about to destroy a whole town. Also, it was told that she could bring the dead back to life. There were a lot of stories about her abilities, but no one was sure of what she was actually capable of. But one thing seemed to be sure, she used her powers for evil purposes.


As an Asura, the witch was an apostle of god. Words of her actions spread fast and she was soon called a betrayer and godless witch. But even if she was banished by the Asura, Deva and Asura tried to keep the witch's identity hidden from the Gaians to stabilize the world. But, such an agreement was not easily achivable - the situation went too far already.


Confusion started to grow. A few people startet to accept the witch and followed her. That was when the witch made her next move. She spread her 'truth' to the world:














Those words spread through the world fast. In the beginning, only a few people listened to this assertion. However, the words spread and changed people's way of thinking. The more her words spread, the more people followed her and the more power the witch gained.


"The entire history of Gaia is a lie. Everything that happened until today, is all distorted!


There are no gods.

There is no such thing like a godly world.


Deva and Asura are nothing else but Gaians with special abilities. But still, we are all the same kind!


You should not see Deva and Asura as your savior. Gaians had already built a successful civilization with their own knowledge. Although they were destroyed for revolting against the so called 'gods'  their civilization was excellent. When Deva and Asura came here, they were not sharing knowledge. They were not helping the Gaians in any way! They just came to use the great technology which the Gaians created!


That civilization was built by 'The ancient' whom Gaians regard to as their 'self-destructing and shameful ancenstors'.


Until today, Deva and Asura have hidden all this truth from all Gaians to insist their privileges!


You are just living with a ready-made scenario. Now it is time for you to open your eyes and see the truth! If you don't open your eyes, you will live this exploitative life forever! You have to raise yourself up, now!"


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