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The world's order was maintained by the cycle of creation and extinction. Two gods who had the control over light and darkness were in charge of the order.

The two gods, respected and trusted more than any other gods, decided that they would take care of the materialistic world in which humans were living, promising a great future to them. Thus, Deva and Asura representing light and darkness were sent to the earth to help the humans build a successful civilization. From that day on humans were called Gaians, representing their origin of which they should be proud of forever - Gaia.

Time passed and the Gaians seemed to be stabilized. Overcoming different crises and finding the path to freedom and peace. The civilization began to bloom.

One day a witch appeared, practicing black magic and trying to make the world hers. Peace began to falter. By promising great power to those who support her she gained lots of followers and became even more powerful. Many people were deluded to the witch's temptation and followed her like fanatics causing great confusion in Gaia. Her power was so great that Deva, Asura and Gaians had to work as one to stop her. 


After a long lasting battle between Deva, Asura and Gaians against the witch, the witch was finally caught and burnt at the stake. Peace came back to Gaia.

A few decades later there was a new movement in Gaia, which endangered the world peace anew.



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