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Chapter 1


Deva and Asura, who were sent to the earth by the gods themselves, helped the Gaians to create their new world. They imparted not only many technologies to build civilization but also many knowledges to guide the Gaians. One day, the Deva and Asura told the Gaians the story of their ancestors' collapse - they were shocked.


Their ancestors, once called 'The Ancient' and guided by the apostles of the gods, were able to build a brilliant civilization. With their knowledge they build warp gates which allowed them to travel to wherever they wished - even to the gods themselves. However, their affluent knowledge soon brought arrogance and greed among them, which led to a revolt against the gods who treated the Gaians in grace.


The gods didn't let those actions just be and punished all Gaians - destruction was awaiting all of them. They summoned the hideous

god of destruction 'Schumarz' who then destroyed each and everyone of the ancient, making their civilization vanish from Gaia.  

After that, the Gods cursed the remaining humans with the

'Curse of Foolishness' to prevent them from getting arrogant for their knowledge and revolt against the gods again. They also released

ugly monsters into Gaia to interrupt human's comfortable life.

After the Gaians heard this story from the two apostles of God, Deva and Asura, they were shiverring with freight.



How ignorant we could be!

How arrogant we could be!

We might had to live in the darkness forever for our own mistake.

How graceful the apostles are to forgive us once again in their mercy!


Now, Deva and Asura guide the Gaians to live a peaceful life. Two religions were created, one called the 'road of Brighton' - a religion that worships the

god of light, taking control over creation. The other one called the 'Dusk' - a religion that worships the god of darkness, taking control over extinction.

Both religions agreed to create a bible in which they write down everything, so that history won't repeat again.
But still, something was not quite right. Something was bothering everyone. Something was about to happen...



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