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Looting Pets


In Rappelz, you can summon two different types of pet: creatures and lootings pets. Creature will fight at your side while looting pets are small friendly creature which will help you gather the items dropped by monsters when you kill them.


You will encounter your first looting pet on the Trainee Island and will last 7 days. Permanent looting pets can be provided by the Guild of the Merchants.


There are a few things you will need to know before summoning your looting pet and put him on the task :




First of all, you will have to name your pet. The naming rule is the same as the one for your character so please be very careful when choosing it.


To name it, double click on the icon in your inventory and a window will appear for you to type its name.


Once you picked the name, just click on Confirm and your pet will be ready to summon.

  Once your pet has been summoned, you will notice a new icon in the Quick Icon bar. You will have to click on it to ask your pet to pick up the items for you.

From there, it is very simple, you have a skill icon for your looting pet to pick up items, if you just do a right click on it, the skill icon will be highlighted and your pet will gather items on its own.


The Pets

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