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Pet Equipment

Exaclty as your character, your pets have statistics and characteristics to make the most of them.The best way to optimize them is by having them wearing equipment.


Your pets have two slots available to wear equipment on Stage 0 and they can only wear equipment of the appropriate rank.



























Remember to upgrade your pet’s equipment as you would upgrade your own and also make sure you check your pet’s passive skill and use the best type of armor and weapon for better efficiency.


Bear in mind that you can have up to 5 equipped items if you combine creature card together. You will learn more about it in the Pet Combination page.

To prepare a piece of equipment for your pet to wear, you must combine it with a unit card. Unit cards can be bought from merchant NPCs. All combinations of items must be done in the combination window, which can be accessed from your inventory screen.


If at any time you wish to make the equipment useable by a player, you must combine it with a Chalk of Restoration. This chalk is available at merchant NPCs and it detaches the equipment from the unit card, destroying the unit card in the process.


Your pet cannot wear two of the same type of equipment. For example, it cannot wear two body armors or two weapons.


The Pets

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