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Chapter 2



Thousands of years after Deva and Asura came down to Gaia, sent by the gods themselves to create a blooming civilization, there was a young man living in a small town near Rondo. One day, when he was on his way home from a hunt, he met a young female traveler who asked the man for the way to the next Inn. The man told her that the next town is not far and that it has an Inn. He told her that he was returning from his hunt and offered her to go to the town together. The young woman agreed and they both walked to the town.


While walking to the town they didn't exchange any words. Sometimes the man looked over to the women, it looked like he was about to say something, but then he looked away again. Sometimes the woman did the exact same thing, but always when she looked away, she smiled. After a while the man noticed this and asked her what would be so funny. She walked ahead a bit, then turning around she smiled at the man. Then she turned around again and walked next to him for the rest of the way to the town. Both felt something warm in their hearts.


After they arrived in the town the woman stayed there for a long time. It didn't take long and they talked to each other. It didn't take long until they laughed together. Eventually, they lived together. They discovered their love for each other and got married.


They both were no ordinary humans. The man was a Deva and the mayor of the town. The woman an Asura, who was banished from her tribe for practicing forbidden magic.


One day the man and the woman discovered that their magical powers are even greater when used together. So they decided to leave town and train themselves in using that powerful force.


Day after day they practiced magic. Day after day their characters changed more and more. Until everything began to break.


In exchange for the great power they gained, they lost a part of their sanity every time they used their combined magical powers. Eventually, they lost almost all of their sanity and started to use their magic to harm others. When they began to destroy villages and towns, the countries spoke a death penalty upon them. That was when the man slowly started to gain back a part of his sanity and tried to stop his wife, but he couldn't. In the end she lost all of her sanity and even killed her husband without hesitation.


This was, when the age of the 'witch' began.



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