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Soul Taming


Soul Taming is a new feature which was added to Rappelz in Rappelz Epic 8.2, that allows you to tame almost every monster available in-game and have it fight by your side forever. If you want to learn about Boss Taming, please visit this site. The previous taming system, which still exists in-game, allows you to tame specific creatures only. Every creature tamed with the old system has fixed skills, attributes and roles in the game. The new Soul Taming system introduces new pets with a great variety of skills depending on the creature's attack type (tank, heal or damage dealer), random attributes, individual looks and much more. For example, if you tame a Giant Frog for the first time it may be a tank with high defense and health. If you tame another Giant Frog it may be a healer with great intelligence and a big mana pool. Another feature is that your creature will always look the way you tamed it. If you tame a green Giant Frog, it'll stay a green Giant Frog. If you tame a brown one, it'll stay brown. If it has 3 instead of 2 eyes, it'll have 3 eyes. And so on.


Currently, there are 4 different kinds of Soul Taming cards available: Basic, Special, Rare and Unique. Each of them exists in order to tame specific creatures. If you want to tame a Basic creature, make sure you have Basic Soul Taming Cards in your inventory, for example. It is not possible to tame creatures with cards that don't have the required rarity level. To make it easy for you to identify what card you need, check out the picture below.




As you can see it is pretty easy to identify which card you need. Just keep the colors in mind and that's it! You shouldn't have any problems with that!


In the case you have the correct card in your inventory but are not able to tame a creature you should have a closer look at its information window. The coloring of the creature type in the right-hand corner tells you if the creature is tamable or not.




Soul Pets have different characteristics. There are Ain and Beasts, which are then further distributed. But don't worry, there are no major pros or cons in having a Bird or a Fish creature; it is just to differ their species'. All of them have a card picture that tells you if they are Ain or Beast, and what kind of species they are (Mutant, Bird, Fish etc.). Let's have a look at an example:



As you can see there is quite a difference of appearance between Ain and Beast-type cards. While the Ain card represents a more human-like face, the Beast card looks more like an animal. Beneath each of the faces you can find the symbol of the actual creature species. If it's a bird there will be a bird beneath the Ain or Beast face, and so on.


However, not all species are available in both types.


Ain include the following species': Bird, Bat, Mutant, Fish, Earth Animal

Beasts include the following species': Raptile, Earth Animal, Fish, Mutant, Demon, Bird, Angel


There are also cards available for creatures that do not fit into neither the Ain nor the Beast category. In total there are 8 of these special cards:



Every time you successfully tame a Soul Pet your creature will receive an attack type, skills and basic attribute points randomly. In total there are 5 attack types: Tank, melee Damage Dealer, ranged Damage Dealer, magic Damage Dealer and Heal. If you right-click the card in your inventory after you have tamed a creature successfully, the description informs you about the attack type of your creature. Sometimes you can distinguish the attack type by the creature's name. Creatures with healing abilities often have the word "Healer" and similar in their name.


The attribute point distribution happens randomly but takes the creature's attack type in consideration. That means you won't end up getting a Tank with low Vitality and Strength or a Healer with almost no Intelligence and Wisdom, for example. Their skills are distributed by attack type. Each attack type has its own fixed set of existential skills and a few random ones. Example: if you have two Giant Frogs with the attack type Tank, they may both have a few skills which are the same, but will also have a variety of other skills. 


The total attribute points vary by rarity and evolution status of your creature. A special basic creature on evolution stage 1 has less attribute points than a normal rare creature on evolution stage 1. Also, a normal rare creature on evolution stage 2 has more attribute points than a special basic creature on evolution stage 2, and so on.




Now let's take a look on enchanting creatures. With the old taming system you are able to enchant your creatures in order for them to become stronger and change their appearance. When enchanting Soul Creatures their appearance won't change much. If you enchant them, however, they will begin to shimmer.



Enchanting your creature is easy. All you need is a creature card of the same rarity level as your creature's. If you want to enchant your Basic Soul Creature for example, you need a Basic creature card. To enchant Rare Soul Creatures you need a Rare creature card and so on. But keep in mind you will have to use a Soul Pet to enchant a Soul Pet. You cannot use one of the normal pets, e.g. a Lydian, to enchant your flying piranha. The same rule applies for repairing your pet.


Now it's time for you to tame all creatures of Gaia and train them to crush your enemies!


The Pets

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