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Hidden Village

The Hidden Village is a secret area only accessible for characters having a Hidden Village Pass . Should you have this item, you will be able to teleport there through the teleporters located in all major cities or by clicking on the pass in your inventory.


There are a few advantages in having a Hidden Village Pass, especially for your Rupis but not only.


































The list of services available in the Hidden Village is :


  • Auction Broker

  • Market Usher

  • Levelling event NPC

  • Blacksmith

  • Pet trainer

  • Beast enhancement NPC

  • Guide

  • Job Supporter

  • Quest Medium

  • Soulcrafter

  • Teleporter

  • Warehouse Keeper

  • Adventure Guide

  • Armor Trader

  • Grocery Merchant

  • Lak Trader

  • Merchant

  • Weapon Trader

  • Buff provider

  • Special Scroll Trader


1. The Hidden Village Pass buff doubles your stamina regeneration when in the Village.
2. You will have 15% discounts on purchases of items and services
3. You will have 50% bonus on Lak trades
4. You will have teleportation services at a reduced fee plus additional teleportation locations away from cities
5. The Adventure Guide offers faster and longer lasting mounts

  •  The Red Ornitho

  •  The Sand Lydian

  •  The Quilin (only available for character level 120+)

6. Buff Daddi will provide your character with nice Buffs (P Atk, Atk Speed, P Def, M Atk, M Def, Cast Speed and Mov Speed for 3000 Rupi each.)

Repeatable quests from the Quest Medium with a large amount of experience points.


The World

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