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 There are a certain amount of Non Player Characters (NPCs) you will encounter throughout your adventures. A few of them might become very helpful as there are certain items you will need from them in exchange for currency or lak.


All the NPCs below can be found in each town. Check the list below to understand what you may need them for





































































































































































































You may have noticed a few sockets on your weapons and armours. They could be very useful if socketed with the right Soul Stones.

The Soulcrafters will help you enhance your items and optimize your character.


Warehouse Keepers 

Your character may sometimes carry to many items reducing his movement speed. Meet with a Warehouse keeper and ask him/her to story your items.

Every item stored in the warehouse is accessible for all your characters on the same server.


Auction Brokers

Auction Brokers are the centre piece of in-game trading. You will be able to sell items and get the best value out of it.

You can also look for specific items and buy them from other players. They are the NPCs to talk to for trading activities.


Grocery Merchants

The Grocery Merchants offer a panel of different consumables for different levels in order to regenerate your HP/MP.

Buying from this NPC could be very useful for your character and might save his life.


Gen Point Vendors

Gen Point Vendors are here to reward you for your efforts in the Bear Dungeon.

Check what they offer, something might be really interesting for your character.



Blacksmiths are important NPCs that will help you enhance your items  by increasing their level.

This will cost you a few Rupis, but safety of your character has no cost!


Weapon Traders

As easy as this looks, Weapon Traders offer a range of weapons from Rank I to Rank IV in exchange of some Rupis.


Armor Trader

Same as the weapon Traders, the armour traders will offer you armours from Rank I to Rank IV in exchange of a few Rupis.


Lak Trader

The Lak traders are very important NPCs that you will have to meet regularly. They will offer you different services in exchange of the Laks you collected.

Laks are a valuable source of income and can also be traded for boost chips which will double your damages.



Those little gnomes are selling a few items that might be necessary for your character. Such as the Normal Belt Kit for example which will allow you to try enhancing your belt and unlock slots to become even more powerful.


Mystic Jewel Traders


Those traders are selling a few jewels which will give a nice effect to your weapon. Combining a jewel with your weapon will also allow you to add shards to it increasing your attack and magical attack.

However, each jewel will cost you a small fortune.


Job Supporters


Mandatory NPCs, you will meet the first one on the Trainee Island. Those Job Supporters will guide you through the path you want to take as a character class.

Make the right choice, the only way to change again is with a Scroll of Rebirth only available through the Guild of the Merchants


Adventure Guides

Adventure Guides will offer you a valuable service : mount rental !

Meet one of them and you will be able to rent time limited mounts which will considerably increase your speed and will help you explore the vast World of Gaia.


Guild Managers

Tired of working alone? You may want to create your own guild  and invite a few friends to fight along your side.

Talk to one of them to create your own guild. You also want to join other forces and create an alliance? They are the ones to talk to.




You will meet a few teleporters in the World of Gaia. There sole goal is to teleport you to specific areas depending on their powers. But this will cost you some Rupis !

Make sure you know where you want to go to prevent finding yourself surrounded by stronger creatures than you are.


Hidden Village Teleporter

Those very refined NPCs have been employed by the Hidden Village  owner to teleport you to this secret place.

Be aware that without the Hidden Village Pass , you are not welcomed there !


Creature enhancing scholars


As you may already know, you can combine pets to be even more powerful.

The Scholars will tell you everything you need to know for pet combination


Market Ushers


Do not be afraid of them, those weirdos open the gate to the Mari Cat Market , flying meeting area for any characters who’s looking for a few items to sell or buy.


Buff Daddi


Only available in the Hidden Village , Buff Daddi is rocking tha’ casa!

In exchange of a few Rupis, he will offer you valuable buffs for one hour. You’ll never be so close to GM powers!


Event NPCs 

The Event NPCs will help you through your first steps in game. Everyone needs a little push at the beginning and they will offer you a few items.

Reach level 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 and claim your rewards!!


Quest Mediums


Quest Mediums are seeking for help on defending a few areas in the World of Gaia.

Talk to them and they will offer you repeatable quests that will help you through your progression.


Pet Trainer


Pet trainers can provide you with valuable information about pets and how to tame one.

You will also have to meet of them in order to evolve your creature to second and third evolutions.


Scroll Merchant


Only available in the Hidden Village, the Scroll Merchant will offer you three items for a small amount of Rupis.


The following scrolls (usable once) are available :

  • Warehouse Scroll (allows you to open your Warehouse from anywhere)

  • Auction Scroll (allows you to open the Auction House from anywhere)

Lak Scroll (allows you to buy Soul Chips for Rupis anywhere)




Guides are simple NPCs which will guide you through the different NPCs you can find in town.

Talk to them if you need more information about the town you are visiting.


Dungeon Guides


You will only find Dungeon Guides in dungeons . They will give you information about the dungeon owner and the Hidden Dungeons.

If you are a dungeon owner , talk to him to collect your taxes!

The World

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