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 Playing in a MMORPG means that you will step into a community and be a part of it. You need to learn how to use the different tools/systems available for that.



As every online game now, you can chat with other players for different purposes:


  • Requesting help

  • Trading

  • Role Playing

  • Talking about game mechanisms

  • Etc…




As you can see from the screen above, there are a few tabs in the chat window for different channels:


  • World : any players regardless their position will see what is written in there (messages appear in blue) – needs ! before your message. To be able to write on World channel, your character must be at least lv. 20

  • General : only players in the surroundings will see what is written in there (messages appear in white)

  • Party : only players from the same party can read what is written in there (messages appear in green) – needs # before your message

  • Guild : only players from the same guild can read what is written in there (messages appear in purple) – needs % before your message

  • Trade : this channel should be used for trading purposes (messages appear in dark blue) – needs $ before your messages


Use the chat with care and respect to the others. Any behaviour issue can have consequences on your account. Chat channels rules can be found on Forum.

You also have specific emotes you can use in game to show your current mood to other players.

You can see them by opening the “Control” window (Alt + T).




Groups of players can be created in Rappelz, called Guilds. Guilds are very useful as you will create relationships with other players which will make it even stronger. Groups of Guilds can also be created in game, they are called alliances.



 What you needs to know before creating a guild


1)  Things you needs to know before creating a guild
 a. You need to be at least level 20 and have 100,000Rupi in your inventory

 b. You must not be a member of another guild

 c. If you just left a Guild, you have to wait for 7 days to create or join a new Guild.



2)   Rules to create a guild

 a. You can create a guild by talking to the Guild NPC available in each town.

 b. The name of the guild cannot exceed 16 characters and cannot contain special characters or spaces.

 c. The player creating the guild will become its first Guild Master

 d. Once the name of a guild has been chosen, it is not possible to change it.

 e. One guild cannot contain more than 200 members.

 f. Guild Icon can be added to Guild

 g. Guild icon: size must be lower than 60Kb, 20x20 pix and in .jpg format




The screenshot above is the Guild Interface. As you can see, it is rather compact and contain a lot of information. There are three major buttons (in the red frame) :


  • The guild information : contains general information about the guild

  • Guild management : allows you to manage the guild information & management depending on your rank in the guild

  • Guild Master : reserved to the Guild Master for the rank management.



Why would I want to be Guild Master?
Being Guild Master is not an easy tasks but will for sure considerably enhance your gaming experience should what your aim at be successful. As a Guild Leader, you will have the following rights :

Manage guild ranks in your guild

There are different possibilities in a guild and you can give specific rights to some users in the guild or not. You may want to have a very hierarchical organization or a more relaxed one, this is entirely up to you.


Promoting/demoting players in your guild

In management, we always assign different tasks to different people; we promote people or demote them depending on how well they do allowing them a certain power in the guild, or not! Well there it is, you can do the same in your guild.


Manage members in your guild 

You may aim at a powerful guild, respected and feared by the others. For that, you may need to invite new members or dismiss the ones stepping on your toes. As a guild leader, you can invite add and remove players from your guild at any time.


Start raids and sieges in your guild 

The main guild activity is raids & sieges. You will need strong forces to defeat other guilds and claim your own dungeons. As a guild leader, you can bring you team to the top by raiding and attack other guilds in sieges.


Assign new guild leader 

You may grow tired of your responsibilities and lay back a little bit. Some of your fellow guild mates have proven themselves worthy of such responsibility. As a a guild leader, you can always pass the torch on to a new guild leader who will inherit all your powers and responsibilities.



Sometimes, you may find yourself in front of challenges that you will not be able to face alone. You will the help from other players, so why not creating a party? A party is a group of players who are united together for a common goal.



What you needs to know before creating a party

  • The party name can only contain letters

  • If you already are a member of a party, you will not be able to create a new one or join another one unless you leave your current party.

  • A party can contain up to 8 players.

  • You can create a party from the “Control” window (Alt + T) or type /pcreate [PartyName] in the chat window. You can also invite a player to you party from the same window or type /pinvite [CharacterName]





Party Management

The party management is accessible to the Party Leader by clicking on the small arrow on the top right corner of the party window.




After selecting a character, you can: 

  • Invite another player to your party

  • Leave the party

  • Kick a player out of the party

  • Give the party lead to another player

  • Disband the party


Change the loot option



Party Commands
You can type the commands below to manage your party through the chat window













After a few hours in game, you may meet a few players you would like to play again with. To make sure you do not forget about them, you can add them in your friend list (Alt + F).

You will then be notified when they login and you will see whether they are offline or not.

On the contrary, you can block users preventing them to talk to you or request for trades, duels, etc…





Manage your party

/pcreate [PartyName]

Raccourcis clavier

Create Party

Invite player

/pkick [CharacterName]

/pinvite [CharacterName]

Kick player


/ppromote [CharacterName]

Change party leader

Disband party

Leave the party

/pshare random


Random Loot


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