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Getting Started

This section will help you through the first steps, from game installation to first login.



There are three important steps before you can launch the game.

1. Step One : Registration
You will have to create a free
BORA ISLAND account in order to login to the game and website. This account will allow you to play any BORA ISLAND games on all   languages available.

2. Step Two : Download the client
Rappelz is a free client base game. This means you need to download the game installer before starting it. You can download the client through the different mirrors available.


3. Step Three : Install the game
Once the client download is completed, you can run the setup.exe file and follow instructions. Note that once you launch the game for the first time, the  launcher will have to update the game version to the current one; this might take a few minutes.

Also make sure that you have the latest DirectX version installed on your computer as well as the latest drivers for your video card.

If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, you should run the setup.exe as administrator.


When double clicking on the game icon you will, like most of other games, open a window called Launcher with various information and latest news regarding the game. After completing the installation the launcher window will start updating your game client. The update will probably continue for no more than a few minutes depending on your internet connection speed.

When all updates are done, click on the play to launch the game.







Once your account created, you can login to the game using your BORA ISLAND ID and password you picked during the registration process.


Like any other game, you will need to create your own avatar (you can have up to 6 per server on one account). Before you create your first character, make sure you have a look at the “Races & Professions” page to pick the perfect gameplay for yourself.


1. Step One : choose your server

You will have to choose a server you want to play on. The population of all servers might be different and we advise you to pick the first on the list as it is the best one to start a new character.




To consider : ‘PK’ next to the server name means that you can kill other players (if you choose to) or get killed by them (if they are in PK mode). Learn more about Rappelz PvP aspects now.




2. Step Two : Create your character
Now that you picked your server, your next step is to create your own character. You will have the choice between three different races presented by their own heroes !




Once you picked your faction, the next screen tells you a bit more about the profession tree that will be available to you. Read everything to make sure you make the right decision !




Your final step now is to create your avatar by choosing his gender, appearance and name !


You cannot use special characters for your character name. Don’t forget! All character names should comply with Name Rules which are explained on the Forum.

Be 100% sure of what appearance you want to give to your character as there is no turning back! You may wonder why you did not pick any profession yet, do not worry! Follow the quests on the Trainee Island and pick your own path with the Trainer.



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