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Get your gear up and enter the latest dungeon in EPIC 9.3!

A lot has happened since your last visit to the lands of Gaia. Allow us to introduce the numerous new features of Rappelz, the classic dark fantasy MMORPG with the best pet system of them all!

New adventures

Hector has something for you, a new challenging questline that involves a dungeon tough like no other. Get ready to enter Remains of the Ancients and defeat its mysterious final boss!

New Items

If you succeed in your goal, the final boss can reward you with up to two Boss cards. The new cards come with a good Physical and Magical Attack boost and both increase Creature Control skill!

New Talent Points

Characters’ power can finally rise to a new level with up to 2 Talent Points that players can obtain through two different quest chains: one available at level 160 and one available at 170. Explore new skill combinations and combat strategies with a huge amount of powerful skills at your disposal!

Get the complete list of changes in our patch notes and don’t forget to check out our special release events:

• Double experience, Lak and drops
• Explore the dungeons and get buffs from crystals
• Lak exchanger NPC
• Login events
• Golden Week event


Redeem the code until the 22nd of March to receive special items for your character! Join the celebrations for Epic 9.3 Rise of Power! Download the client and join the combat today!



Nightmare server players received the content of the coupon in their inventory.


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